About us


The world-class technologies and innovation, which requires openness, extensive cooperation with domestic and international partners, has a significant role in the activities of Vitafort Zrt, the market leader in the supply of domestic animal feed located in Dabas. The international relations of Vitafort Zrt. in addition to the development of product and production, Eastern European export activity has included increasing South-East Asian relations since 2007. The presence in the South-East Asia was based on a tied-aid loan program offered to Laos by the Hungarian Government which was carried out by Vitafort Zrt. One part of Hungary’s ‘Eastern opening’ policy is the development of economic relations among developing countries where there are strong links to Hungary mainly by professionals who had graduated in our country. Laos is such a country, which has been offered a $ 30 million tied aid loan and a $ 30 million export development loan by the Hungarian Government to improve the quality of food supply and to increase the food safety and security.

The Lao program starting in 2016, is a so complex economic development program that its management performed by – expediently and in a transparent manner- in close cooperation with Vitafort Zrt, but structurally a separate economic entity. This is how Vitafort Agro Asia Zrt. established, which was registered by Registry Court of Budapest Environs Regional Court on 13 January 2016, company registration number is 13-10-041558. The company’s main task is to manage the tied aid credit program starting in 2016, and to coordinate the activities of the experts participating in implementation, as well as the activities of small and medium-sized enterprises.  The additional task is to help launch agro-business programs which can be carried out by using export development loan offered to Laos.  In the implementation of the tied aid loan program Vitafort Agro Asia Zrt. performs its activities as laid down in the Framework and Credit Agreement, signed by the Hungarian and Lao Party, and in the Commercial Contract. Vitafort Agro Asia Zrt is the „Supplier” of the tied aid loan program and signed the Commercial Contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry that is the „Customer” of the program.”

The Vitafort Agro Asia Ltd. in parallel with carrying out Laos tied aid credit program, or in connection with it, it performs an exploratory work which might result in launch of the new economic co-operation programs in the future in the developing countries of the Southeast Asian region. These are such possibilities of realizable cooperation programs primarily in the development of the food industry in Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Vietnam.