About the Lao-Hungarian Friendship Association

The Lao-Hungarian Friendship Association was established in 1993 by Hungarians who have worked in Laos and Lao people who live in Hungary with their families, as an NGO for cultural activities. The establishment of the Association was initiated by Dr. Józsefné Maróczy, FAO expert for the UN. The simple reason for existence of the Association is the fact that the Hungarians working in Laos for either short or long term have gotten fond of Laos as a culturally rich Buddhist South-East Asian country and the peaceful, placid, friendly people of Laos living under tough circumstances. The time spent living and working in Laos was a good experience for all of us, the small Hungarian colony lived in a family atmosphere which is a permanent bond between the members of the Association.


Management of the Lao-Hungarian Friendship Association

Magda Maróczy – Honorary President

László Váradi – President

Mariann Farkas – Secretary General

Mária Fábián – Financial Leader

The members of the Presidency: József Fidlóczky, Imre Maróczi, Phayboun Kongsaysak, Róbert Turi.