NÉBIH – National Food Chain Safety Office

 The National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO) was established on 15th March, 2012. As the background institution of the NFCSO is the Ministry of Agriculture it has nationwide power to supervise the compliance with the food chain  safety regulations and also fights against the adulteration and the black economy.

The agency’s mission is to fulfill the objectives set out in the Food Chain Safety Strategy elaborated in 2014, to protect and improve the Hungarian food chain safety from field to fork and to contribute to consumers meeting quality food. To this end, besides improving the effectiveness of ‘traditional’ official measures, the NFCSO draws significant attention to collect information from inspections, audits, to process and to share and communicate it in a comprehensible way.

The office considers it a priority to comply at all times with the expectations of the Hungarian population beyond professional interests. This is done by using continuously developing laboratory network and the knowledge base created by its experts with diverse expertise.

For more information: www.nebih.gov.hu