Vitafort production facilities with leading edge technology

Today, Vitafort produces more than 2000 different products in 5 plants.

We offer a wide range of products for the animal nutrition: including vitamin products, mineral additives, microelements, microelements complexes, premixes, supplements, concentrates and complete feed, liquid vitamins, extruded corn and soya products, and various by-pass protein products as well.

Premix production plant

In order to obtain the company’s main objective “Feed security for food security”, it has been decided to undertake a new investment project, implemented within the framework of the Europa Terv [Europe Plan].

A brand new premix factory, built with the most advanced technology and most advanced facilities in Europe, was completed in September 2006 for manufacturing vitamin and oligo element premix and complete premixes up to 0.3 – 6 %.

Key parameters

capacity: 50,000 tons/year

44 component tanks

1 800-liter mixer (mixing time: 30 seconds, homogeneous mixing of 2g of substance) 3 scales, 3 feeder systems

  • 5 minutes cycle time
  • automatic bagging machine: 500 bags/hour
  • energy consumption: 35 kW/h


Concentrate & Complete Feed production

As a result of our plant development within the framework of AVOP, traceability and feed security is implemented at the highest standard, which are the key requirements for food security. Through the improvement of high quality production and the enhancement of our flexibility and variability, we are able to produce products with a better price / value ratio, which guarantees product security for our partners at EU standards.

In 2006, the plant was extended by the installation of a fully automatic bagging and packaging word class system. We manufacture concentrates (up to 7-40%), nutriments and food preparations in this plant.

Key parameters

  • capacity: 105 000 tons/year
  • 26-component tanks
  • 3 000-liter mixer
  • 3 scales, 2 production lines, 2 x 9 tons/hour production unit for granulation
  • 25 tons/hour capacity fully automated bagging and pelleting system
  • 4 minutes cycle time

Extruding plant

For the extrusion of cereals and soy, with a capacity of 2 500 tons / year.


Liquid vitamin production plant

Production of vitamin solutions, a variety of specific drinkable emulsions made from vitamin component

Capacity: 15 000 l/year

DPS DuoPass Soyaactivity_2

DPN DuoPass Sunflower

DPM DuoPass Mixture

Chemical laboratory & Mikrolab Ltd., the microbiological laboratory

Vitafort’s Chemical laboratory and Mikrolab Ltd, the microbiological laboratory are both accredited by National Accreditation Body (NAB).

15.000 samples/year

kb. 100.000 parameters for analysis per year helping us to provide professional consultancy and services and also to serve the Vitafort’s in house innovation product development.


Research & Development

Development and innovation are strategic issues for our Company. Close liaisons have been established with a number of universities. Adding approximately HUF 80 million to a grant won with its HUF 250 million project under the Gazdaságorientált Agrárágazati Kutatások Pályázat (Business-Oriented Agricultural Research Tender) Vitafort Co. spent a significant part of this amount on research and development experiments with its partners.

In 2007, we closed two important GAK projects, including the development of a complex beef cattle feeding system jointly with Szent István University, and the enhancement of the reproductive indices and the profitability of dairy farms through rational feeding developed in collaboration with the Állattenyésztési és Takarmányozási Kutatóintézet (Animal Husbandry and Feeding Research Institute)

In recent years, we spent HUF 30 million on laboratory development. We installed up-to-date gas chromatography and liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment.

In 2008, we were working on a Jedlik tender of approximately HUF 330 million, which focuses on purification of glycerine, produced as a by-product of bio-diesel production and its comprehensive use for animal feeding.

Going International

French partnership since more than two decades

Our connection with the French Union InVivo NSA goes beyond research and development, raw material procurement and technological development, because we are able not only to utilise the advantages offered by the company’s worldwide presence, but also to act strategically by analyzing jointly the actual trends and circumstances affecting the animal nutrition all over the world.


activity_4Today, Union InVivo is one of the market leaders agricultural alliances in the EU. After its acquisitions in Europe, it has an influence on more than 10% of the EU’s complete feed potential, which accounts for the coordination of production of approximately 16 million tonnes of feed.

Export activity

Most of our export markets are located in the Republic of Moldava, Romania and Slovakia. In Moldavia the yearly growth rate keeps to exceed 30%.

activity_5The Company is headquartered in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldavia and was founded in 1999 . The company is fully owned by Vitafort and its activities include organising and marketing of Vitafort’s products (vitamins, microelements, premixes, concentrates, feed mixes, pharmaceuticals, etc.). In addition to the distribution of premixes, the plant production division is also expanding by promoting to sell the hybrid seeds developed in Hungary guaranting a high yields production in Moldova. Export of live animals representing high genetic standards also plays a role in Combifeed’s activities together with the export of animal husbandry technologies and agricultural machinery, logistics and consulting with regard to animal husbandry. Currently, Combifeed S.R.L. is a market leader in the region.

Partnership in Lao People’s Democratic Republic


VITAFORT is the proud partner of Laos in the field of agricultural cooperation. We carried out USD 9m of investments in Laos. The most important plan worths USD 2,2m and has an annual production capacity of 4.000 tons of feed.

Realisations have been completed on three sites:

3 Feed mill

3 Complex fishing project

3 Reconstruction of pig farm

2 Reconstruction of broiler farm

1 Slaughterhouse