K+F, costs

Research and product development

With a call through Economy-oriented Agricultural Research (GAK) VITAFORT was offered 250 Million Huf .With the addition of 80 Million Huf VITAFORT was able to initiate successfully the „Research and Development” program promoting its partnerships. During the past few years more than 30 Million Huf has been assigned to improve laboratories by purchasing modern equipment such as gas and liquid chromatograph. VITAFORT has been investing 1-1,5 % of its annual revenue into R and D activities.

Research & Development

Development and innovation are strategic issues for our Company. Close liaisons have been established with a number of universities. Adding approximately HUF 80 million to a grant won with its HUF 250 million project under the Gazdaságorientált Agrárágazati Kutatások Pályázat (Business-Oriented Agricultural Research Tender) Vitafort Co. spent a significant part of this amount on research and development experiments with its partners.

In 2007, we closed two important GAK projects, including the development of a complex beef cattle feeding system jointly with Szent István University, and the enhancement of the reproductive indices and the profitability of dairy farms through rational feeding developed in collaboration with the Állattenyésztési és Takarmányozási Kutatóintézet (Animal Husbandry and Feeding Research Institute)

In recent years, we spent HUF 30 million on laboratory development. We installed up-to-date gas chromatography and liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment.

In 2008, we were working on a Jedlik tender of approximately HUF 330 million, which focuses on purification of glycerine, produced as a by-product of bio-diesel production and its comprehensive use for animal feeding.