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Vitafort Animal Nutrition to the world’s highest standard

For more than three decades VITAFORT is one of the key actors working in the field of animal nutrition in Hungary. Today the market leader company on the Hungarian feed market has a unique and full-scale feed production facility in Dabas.


VITAFORT  is one of the industry’s strong companies with tradition and stability. The strong equity is considered as a way for the company to ensure a smooth business with its customers


VITAFORT supports the Hungarian market with feed, technical experience, and services. Vitafort’s number one commitment is to their customers. Its partner orientated business policy is core to the business strategy. We develop, manufacture and provide services to our partners by meeting their unique needs and requirements. We support our products with a nutrition consultancy and we are continuously expanding services. The company places a strong emphasis on research & development which is seen in our innovative product portfolio.


VITAFORT has an extensive product portfolio. We produce and sell premixes and complete feeds for all species. The range includes vitamins, mineral supplements, premixes, super-premixes, supplements and concentrates, complete feed.


VITAFORT offers a new line of key raw material for formulation increasing profitability. We have developed a special technology to produce rumen protected protein products. The DUO PASS products are easy to adapt to the basic diet with the aim to satisfy the local requirements of customer: a perfect tool to offer a better service to the partners. For more than three decades, as a result of a continuous investment policy, important investments were made to cover all production in the field of animal nutrition from Dabas.


Today VITAFORT is one of the key actors working in the field of animal nutrition in Hungary. VITAFORT is today a market leader in Hungary in dairy cow feeding, has a significant market share in swine industry and, although to a lesser extent, has an important role in the poultry sector as well. In 2013 an equivalent to 800 thou tons of complete feed was made in Hungary by using Vitafort Firme Service products, representing a market share of 20%.


Our innovative in-home development activity, the excellent product quality, the wide range of nutrition services and food security are the guaranty to ensure VITAFORT’s excellence and our promising future performance.

A producer & firme service in the heart of Central Europe

All production premises are located on an 11 ha size site, 42 km from Budapest, in the geographical center of Hungary.


VITAFORT employs about 170 people, 40 % of them are graduated from university or college.

Extensive product range

Today, as a result of the constant development – uniquely in the field of animal nutrition industry – the Company produces in its own facilities a full range of products including microelements, premixes and concentrates, complete feed, liquid vitamins, extruded corn and soy products, by-pass protein products as well. Currently, VITAFORT produces and supplies goods for about 800 thou tons of complete feed equivalence on the Hungarian feed market.

Industrial development

Multiple industrial investments have been completed in the past few decades. These include, but are not limited to the new premix production plan which began producing in autumn 2006. VITAFORT production premise in Dabas. This factory is to the world’s highest standards and it is considered as our pride on an industrial level. It was partly realized with a grant of 100 Million HUF consented by the ‘Europe is building here” tender of the Agriculture and Rural Development Operational Programme (AVOP).

Research and product development

With a call through Economy-oriented Agricultural Research (GAK) VITAFORT was offered 250 Million Huf with the addition of 80 Million Huf VITAFORT was able to initiate successfully the „Research and Development” program promoting its partnerships. During the past few years more than 30 Million Huf has been assigned to improve laboratories by purchasing modern equipment such as gas and liquid chromatograph. VITAFORT has been investing 1-1,5 % of its annual revenue into R and D activities.

Leading animal nutrition company in Hungary

During the past few years, despite of the considerable decrease of the Hungarian livestock Vitafort’s market share has been growing from year to year – which is due, among others, to our cost optimization, flexibility in production, service oriented customer approach and – not to mention – to numerous important technological investments.

Feed security

VITAFORT is operating as a certified company in conformance with ISO 9001, its chemical and microbiological laboratories have been accredited by National Accreditation Body (NAB).