Address: H-2370, Dabas Szabadság út 3.
Telephone: +36 29 362 806
e-mail: info [AT]

Vitafort Agro Asia Private Limited Company
Tax Number: 25449206-2-13
Company Registration Number: 13-10-041558

How to reach the office  – navigation

  1. M5 motorway, Dabas/Újhartyán exit
  2. Vitafort Zrt. center is about 7 km away from the exit. Vitafort Agro Asia Zrt. is the end of its area (as it can be seen in the photo).
  3. After a check-in telephone call the gate is opened by remote control. It is recommended to wait on the other side of the road, until the gate is opened.

GPS Coordinates

47.1942379339 north latitude

19.3343938887 east longitude


degrees °minutesˈseconds ″

47° 11ˈ 39.2″ N

19° 20ˈ 3.8″  E