Successfull closing of the III. Agricultural TAL Program in Laos

  • On 2023-11-06
The 3rd agricultural tied aid loan program in Laos was successfully concluded The program, which started in 2018, was originally planned to end on December 31, 2021, but the COVID epidemic slowed down the implementation, so with the agreement of the Hungarian and Lao parties, the relevant contracts was amended. Accordingly, the program was finally […]
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Implementation of the 3rd tied aid loan program during the Covid-19 epidemic

  • On 2021-07-06
The Covid-19 epidemic and the restrictive measures taken to control it have made it significantly more difficult to implement the planned work program for the 3rd tied aid project. In the emergency, situation VAA management strengthened the management structure, especially the direct contact between the Hungarian and Lao leading experts of each project component, taking […]
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New scaling up of fishfeed quality in the Lao PDR

  • On 2018-04-24
An important development during the implementation of the 2nd Hungarian tied aid loan programme was the upgrading of Nongteng feed mill including the completion of a new fish feed production line. The key machines of the production line are the most modern ones that are used by the aquafeed industry and make possible the production […]
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Improved animal feed mill

  • On 2017-10-30
Improved animal feed mill to boost food chain safety in Luang Prabang The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has completed a project to upgrade an animal feed mill in Nambak district, Luang Prabang province. The feed mill was handed over to the Department of Livestock and Fisheries under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on […]
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